Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Intrigued I inspected the heavyset Panamarenko Exhibition in Antwerpens MUHKA. What is it about those sixties/seventies artists, that mesmerizes my mind ever so often in these times?
Is it the longing for visions, the dilettantism in execution, the poetry of the outcome, the stranding as a discourse? Is it the ideas, which are larger than the results, or the results, that narrate about the most alluring ideas, ideas with the grace of sketches, which can be nurtured to proper utopia, without the torture of undergoing megalomaniacal utopia?
In between the numerous airplanes, diving bells, zeppelins, gliders, magnetic vehicles, space shuttles, ufos, submarines, racing cars, pin up girls larger than life and robot chickens I lost any dread of upcoming audacious projects.
According to Panamarenko there are some especially strong and fast ones beyond the locomotion objects, not tested yet.
Exceptionally happy he seems to be with his robot chickens: 
"If you are making a robot that actually has to work, I think you´ll soon be saying: "I´ll make my own coffee after all!" But that problem didn´t occur with these chickens, because all they had to do was walk around and just be a chicken..."

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