Sunday, December 14, 2014


"Haus Rucker" were the cool cats amongst the architects of the seventies. I mean, which architect invented a flying-middle-finger-rocket, seriously? Or a huge (14 meters high) middle-finger rising out of a landscape, called "Wegweiser"? And was respected for their consciousness-expanding theories about landscape and human beeings in the same time? To me, it seems, that only Austrians are able to combine this very special humour with serious artworks. Best-known for their Capsules, who hang out of the windows of existing houses to create "Enclaves" in the city or their "Soziale Plastiken", where they wrapped human-beeings, atmospheres or even a piece of a river in, yes, plastic, to sharpen the consciousness for the alienation and pollution of the environment, they definitly had some hard facts to tell. They deconstructed the borders of nature and building and fullfilled the forecast of their chosen name: "Haus Rucker" means to push away the old buildings to generate space for something new.
Laurids Ortner, G√ľnter Zamp Kelp und Klaus Pinter were the founders 1967 in Vienna.
Go see a nicely curated exhibition by Zamp himself in lovely "Haus am Waldsee" until the 22nd of february.

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