Monday, December 10, 2012

Don`t do it yourself

"A plague veiled in the ideal of empowerment is sweeping our nation, leaving in its wake neighborhoods scarred by crappy home improvement, families destroyed by badly cooked gourmet meals, and scores and heaps of barely used tools, leftover supplies, and unfinished projects. This particular affliction goes by the familiar initials D.I.Y., which stands for “Do It Yourself.” The idea is rooted in positivity, but the reality is sinister."

Lisa Anne Auerbach, "don´t do it yourself"

A text about how the industry uses D.I.Y. to hoax the consumer, and what D.I.Y. was originally supposed to mean. Reading the text was big fun and a relief for me while preparing Christmas. 
Read the whole text or buy the small book
Lisa Anne Auerbach lives in Los Angeles. As an artist she is working in various ways to tidy up and manifest opinions in her environment, from knitting pullovers to writing, from "torn porn" to photography.

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