Sunday, October 02, 2011


Mushrooms. Look, the forest is full of them. Out, into the woods...


  1. I'd love to go mushrooming but since I don't have a car it seems rather elaborate to get out into the woods and collect some. Do you know if there are any grounds reachable by S-Bahn within the city borders where one may find mushrooms marvellous such as those? Grunewald? Müggelsee? I used to go mushrooming there during my childhood but even back then, there were too few of them. So, can you recommend any places?

  2. hm hm hm, I will not tell my mushroomplaces in public, hm, sorry.
    But there could be mushrooms around the last S-Bahn stop Straussberg Nord. And also the forest around Trabrennbahnen is probably worth looking at.