Sunday, September 04, 2011

Do good

What looks like a weird animal is the MRI of Ai Weiweis brain after been beaten up by the chinese police. By buying this shirt I supported some human right action or similar.
Usually I prefer not to combine buying and supporting, because you can easily loose the power of your values on the way. That is pretty personal, I don´t like to mix my lust for shopping, which is questionable,  and the necessity to work on the society, which is unquestionable.
Another interesting mixture of charities and somehing else, lets call it social networking, is online since about a month. A website called offers you one "DailyGood" a day which you are free to do, click the done button afterwards and talk about what you did if you want to. Every drop you gain by dooing good will be sponsored by companies which support charities. A typical "DailyGood": "Read the news and share a good article with others." It is fun, easy to do, has a pretty apple-style user interface and leaves you with an optimistic feeling. You get loves and comment support by others for simple actions, in the best case you also discuss about the sense of what you did. Well, and again it feels wrong to sceptical me to take awards for dooing good instead of leaving the sense of the action untouchable. BUT. It doesn`t hurt anyone, no crap consumption included, it supports good tendencies, it can still evolve (beta version so far) and no one knows how much power a big network with the aim of dooing good can evolve.
Anyways, it is always better to try your best.
So I recommend to become a member, make up your own opinion and meet me there!


  1. I don't get the idea behind imaging Ai's brain right after the beating: Is it supposed to artistic? In that case, it's rather superficial. Is it for medical reasons? It looks absolutely fine, there's no hint for an injury. The purpose of the image remains unclear, at least for me.

  2. Hm, someone told me, that his brain was swollen, and that can become a serious problem if you don`t interact. Find more about it here: But I am not a doctor, so I can`t tell from the picture on the shirt... also I am wearing it on the post, which may change the proportions a little. The image was taken by german doctors for medical reasons. But then Ai published it for artistic reasons! That was in 2009, one of his topics used to be to publish to exist and to publish to protect himself. Not only his faith, but all repressed chinese.
    Übrigens, danke für den Kunstszenenüberblick auf Deinem Blog!

  3. Naja, es ist tatsächlich ein wenig geschwollen. Ein "Hint for an injury" ist das eigentlich schon, aber auch kein Beweis. Sicherlich muss man auch Abzüge in der Beurteilbarkeit machen, schließlich ist ein Foto von einem Print auf einer nicht ebenen Fläche. Da ist es zum MRT-Bild am Computer noch weit. Dennoch, auch wenn es typisch Ai ist, so etwas zu veröffentlichen, fällt es mir schwer, den künstlerischen Mehrwert zu erkennen. (Das liegt aber vielleicht auch daran, daß mein angeschulter medizinischer Blick dies verhindert. Who knows.)

    Danke für das Lob! An dieser Stelle las man ja auch schon die ein oder andere Nachbetrachtung.